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Ask for a table veiled with white curtains at Tulsi and explore the vegetarian menu of Hemant Mathur who made his name with Suvir Saran at Devi.

If you decide to use a suggestive handle, and especially if you don’t, be careful that you don’t unintentionally create a double entendre.

Wie bei Erotikkalendern üblich sind Wandkalender besonders beliebte Werbekalender, da Sie meist an einer gut einsehbaren Stelle angebracht sind und der Kontakt mit Ihrer Marke so ein ganzes Jahr lang stattfinden kann.

Unsere sexy Kalender ziehen mit Sicherheit viele Blicke an!

Have one of each oyster for each of you…slurp in unison so you can compare preferences. Watch as the chef throws it together in the grand old soup pots. If they need to meet Chinese friends in the city, The Oriental Garden in Chinatown is very Chinese, very familiar.

It is quite unlikely you will run into anyone you know, but if you do, introduce him as your tech guy, or turn and chat up the woman on your other side, or just look prim and solo. If you don’t know anyone at Minetta Tavern, ask for Mr. Obviously Keith Mc Nally cleaned up this old bar, but he did it with a passion for Village history. As for non-Asian food, how about American barbeque? Some kingpins determined to do business at lunch, without really seeming to, might find chef Michael White’s Ai Fiori too sedate with its widely spaced tables and sound-baffling herringbone tablecloths.

The dal is just an inexpensive side, but a wreathe of flavors. Grab a couple of seats in the exquisitely-lit library at No Mad, designed by the biblio-curator Thatcher Wine, an oasis just off the noisy bar scene. Sharing such sensory highs could leave the two of you hopelessly in love all over again. If I want to feel light and merely stem the hunger rumbles, I might just have a spicy tuna roll and an eel roll, maybe followed by crab cake.

Order a cocktail, linger over a sandwich from the snack menu, stay for dessert. You just happen to be steps from the hotel’s front desk. I sometimes order Scottish salmon with asparagus risotto if it’s a musical and I’m not worried about dozing off. Shrill little voices and fussy-eater demands are a cinch to handle at Brooklyn Diner.

Children can be dispatched to the front of the place to check out giant desserts on display. So be grateful if he can find an hour for a late lunch at the counter of the Oyster Bar in Grand Central. Oysters allegedly being aphrodisiacal – plus the steamy fork play possible at a stolen lunch. But there it is, behind a wall of glass, shadowy with lots of candles, close enough to The Bowery for a casual downtown feel.