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Considering the expense and the frustration with the glitches, I don’t know how much longer I will try this. I had yet not found a girlfriend who had personalities which were conformable to me. Some friends of mine introduced me Meetville , I hoped that I would find my love.

This was first time I had used a online application, I did not think it was too easy to use.

To my dismay I discovered that a second glitch had changed my birth year from 1979 to 1961.

In the last message I received from this “woman”, she asked me if I was really 56 years old, “because I looked so much younger than that”.

You'll receive messages from people, but you begin to notice there's a pattern.

Some people use the same exact distinct lines like "u are the first person I've messaged on this app" and the constant "____wants to chat with you" in order to encourage you to purchase the subscription when the "____wants to chat with you" is possibly sent to you when someone simply views your profile. The payment options seem to be the biggest rip off of all dating apps I've been on thus far.

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