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To this I would wear everyday 24/7 and even sleeping with them on. My obsession with pantyhose started when I was around five years old.

One day I was in my parents bedroom and I saw a pair of pantyhose laying around and I decided to touch him and remember that it was sheer it was. So one day after school I race home and went into the bedroom and found a pair of pantyhose and I took off my clothes but left my stocks and underwear on just in case someone would home early.

I slowly put on the pantyhose and when I got all the way up and remember the feeling on my legs and then I look in the mirror and see how sexy it look.

Even though I don't consider myself a crossdresser, I have to admit I have experimented with pantyhose by wearing them and appreciating how they feel on my legs. I also derive sexual satisfaction by soiling them while wearing them by ejaculating on them, urinating on them, bathing with them on, and also going to isolated places and wearing them outdoors and getting them completely dirty; walking with them on, in the mud; scooping up mud with my hands and smearing it on my pantyhosed legs.

I myself absolutely love white pantyhose the most, usually the thicker denier ones that aren't as transparent.

After a few days I put on a pair of pantyhose on with no stocks and underwear and that when I remember when the pantyhose touch my cock and I have a hard-on for the first time and shorty after that when I cum for the first time. Part two is the first time I bought a pair of pantyhose at a store.

I went the store to buy a pair of boots I needed to buy for winter and I was walking in the store looking for some boots I see a display of underalls pantyhose and remember seeing on tv. So I went over there to check it out and that I would buy a pair and so I waited so that no one around and I pick a pair in my size and went to the counter when on one was in front me and put the boots and pantyhose on the counter and the clerk said nothing and put it the bag and I paid for it.

I guess that's one reason I find women's hosiery interesting; you may get some insight into her personality just by the type of hosiery she wears.

My wife knows about my fetish and she completely indulges me in my fetish and pleases me in every way when it comes to my fetish.

There was one time when I was fourteen that I was at a friends house playing with Matchbox cars. The next thing I know he leads me into his parents bedroom, pulls out his mom's lingere drawer and empties the drawer of pantyhose, girdles and bras onto their bed.

He then asked me if I would like to wear some of his moms lingere with him.

When I was younger, I thought I was the only person in the world who had a fetish for women's hosiery.