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He separated the wire with a row of bells outside his bedroom window to warn him should lightening strike his rooftop.

So, his butt basically became an "instrument," and they decided to leave it in. It said, quote, "Who's that girl in your last post?

AJ MCLEAN talked about it, and said Howie did it on beat, and ON PITCH. A lot of girls have the misguided DREAM of JUSTIN BIEBER noticing them on social media . Somehow, Justin saw it, and apparently, he thought she was hot, because he sent them a message. Justin Bieber just messaged the gym that I work at, and asked who I was!

Farts Franklin was as much an advocate of practicable solution as he was a satirist of cerebral solutions.

In his famous letter to the Royal Academy of Brussels in response to its call for scientific papers, Franklin suggested that the university research ways of improving the odor of human farts.

Rods and Standards In the mid-18th century, while Franklin’s colleagues were using electricity as a party trick to impress guests, he was flying kites to capture and analyze static electricity.

He used the results to invent the practical lightening rod.

They claimed he reached under her skirt and grabbed Taylor's naked backside, but he denies it.

because he was fired after her people complained to his bosses. Rihanna had been verbally and physically abusive too . Then instead of re-doing the vocals, their producer decided to tweak the audio . But they claim their #1 pick deserves the top spot hands down.

When he left his home in France where he was stationed for many years as the first United States Ambassador to return to the United States he billed his landlord for the improvements that he had made to the safety and commodity of the house.

He had installed a lighting rod as well as a smoke retardant for the livingroom.

She's accusing Mueller or sexual assault and battery, and the $1 amount is just a symbolic thing to use this as an opportunity to stand up for other women. Since the case is ongoing, Mueller didn't comment on the judge's ruling .