Start Excel macro application screenupdating false

Excel macro application screenupdating false

Substitute your password for the "MYPWD" password in the code.

The refers to is the range itself and is autopopulated with the range of selected cells when clicking on define name To get a dynamic named range you will need to replace the refers to of the named range by this kind of formula (for example if values are in the A column): This sub Combo Box1_change() overwrites the default attitude of the Combo Box object when changed.

You also need some lists for the combo Box to update automatically, one for the dropdown that will be the results of the matched value of the occurence count.

There's a Comment / Uncomment button that can be toggled.

And even if you are the only person to ever use that macro, if you want to change functionality or optimise speed after some time, you will appreciate your comments yourself.