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Example sentence for radiometric dating

However, if evolution were true, we would expect a much greater number of fossils than what we have simply due to the time factor.

Anybody can line up fossils in whatever order he wants, but that does not demonstrate common ancestry.

A fossil by itself can tell you one thing and one thing only: it died. Today's guest blogger is Charlie Wolcott, a certified math and physics teacher with a degree in Computer Science.

This conclusion can be drawn by analysis of the genealogies as presented in the Holy Bible.

Since the Bible is inerrant it follows that Noah's Flood was an historical event and global in nature.

We have historical written records that go back 6,000 years.

Beyond that, you're getting into conjecture, unless you can get personal, first-hand, eye-witness testimony.

Evolutionists will never have it, because their theory is just conjecture justified by speculation.