Start Error number 0x800a138f updating windows

Error number 0x800a138f updating windows

Jim - Team Z Using - Virtual Access(OLR), ZAP 4.0 w/WF, & Win XP Pro w/SP1 is basic requirement by MS to allows you to enter windowsupdate site.

Or update to latest Hosts at: you did follows the above steps and find it still not work, there is old saying it is something else in your computer, Since different user and computer are not same setting, it is advise to use the Windows Update Troubleshooter. -- Dave "Crash" Dummy - A weapon of mass destruction [email protected] It didn't work here :'( I did have this problem on 2 machines but one started working after manually adding some wupdates to it.

If some reason, that doesn't help then you are on your own and do the works or have an expert to help you (whatever you seek help, newsgroup suggests, a geek friend,etc) Happy Hunting.-- ns Just in, If you happen to get a Thank You page, either the site is busy or the dns has screwy glitch(who know) In that Thank you page, remove the in the IE browser's address url and click GO. I did the same to both machines but one still does not work. Thing is, I don't know why or how it works, could someone explain? -- Robert List of Lists - Eric Howe's Privacy and Security Site - it was related to your browsers's cache.

LOL Boohoo, I've had an error for ages and have been unable to solve it.