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Erotas dating

Overnight, they arrive at Spetses, the cruises's destination.

The third season begins where the second season left off, Aphrodite Aperyi and Angelo board Myrto's cruise for her 50th birthday.

Everyone enjoys the cruise, and Myrto's birthday cake is cut.

As events unfold we see Alexandros trying to find evidence to clear Tania's name and in a video he filmed after Angello's murder shows Tania with no significant marks to show that she had fought with Angelo. With Avgeri's assistance they are on the track to figuring that Tania did not kill Angelo.

Avgeris goes one last time to speak to Tania and asks her why did she hit him so many times and she responds that she only hit him once. As Avgeris believes that Tania is not the murderer he is called away with his ex-wife who is dying of cancer and has to leave with her overseas. In the meantime Antigoni (Myrto and Stefano's daughter) comes back to Athens and we see her with visible marks on her arm, where we see that she may have been Angelo's killer.

Pavlos is distraught with the return of his sister Antigoni and tells his mother Myrto that he is moving out as he catches her in the company of Antigoni (whom he hates after she tormented her family by doing a deal with Angelo her fathers rival and holding a gun to Pavlos' head) Renos had told Pavlos in a prior episode that Antigoni was on the opposite island from Spetses.

Pavlos leaves to go to Alexandros when he receives a call that he is needed at Spetses then next day because there is a problem with the pool and all the tiles need to be removed, wanting a companion on the road he asks if Alexandros would like to come with him, Alexandros agrees wanting thinking it to be a good idea to have some company.

However, during this reunion, Pavlos resumed his relationship with Ariadni who claims that she doesn't mind that Pavlos is back together with Christina, but is secretly plotting her revenge.

Pavlos is then meeting with Ariadni when they hear shotguns and Pavlos goes to see if the person is wounded when he also gets shot.

Not wanting Alexandros to take the blame she confesses.

Tania then tries to commit suicide in jail, Alexandros breaks her out of hospital, only to have Tania give herself up so Alexandros doesn't get involved. He then proposes to her saying he can't live without her.

Renos, also mysteriously returns to Greece after the murder.