Start Dreamboy a kpop dating sim game

Dreamboy a kpop dating sim game

Basically, this game is not free and you need to do an offer in order to unlock this game. But once you complete the offer, be sure to stop the subscription because it can charge you on a higher price for texting. And the game will be unlock forever so that you can play the game as many times as you want. After you have unlock the game, you might wanna keep your internet connection on the whole time because I've just realize that once you turn off your connection, you'll have to do the offer again. And I'm pretty sure you won't wanna waste your balance money just to complete another mobile offer, do ya? Once you meet the requirement above, you can talk to any of the idols in the center. After you became friends with one of the idols, you'll get a nice surprise. It's not necessary you have to follow what I played.

But I also wanted to talk and date Kyuhyun, and so I did. At the same time, I fell in love with Nichkhun more.

BTS Dating Game Thank you Magyeomie of giving me the idea to this poll !

But in some countries you have to complete the mobile offers. For example, if you wish to unlock the one that includes G Dragon, you can only play that version of the game. Some are exciting events like Music Bank, Idol Photoshoot etc. So visit the centers every day for those surprises. As usual, once you have enough exp, click on the idol to get his phone number. Or the other way round, meaning you can call him too. If you get a call from any idol, be sure to answer the call for a chance of increasing your relationship with them.

For the mobile offers, it'll ask you to download some ringtones or wallpaper to your phone. If you want to unlock another version with Kim Hyun Joong, you have to do another offer. When you leave your house, you'll see a map with different location you can go to. You have to gain your strength, charm and knowledge by going to school to study, the city hall to work for money and the pub to either train your charm or strength. Be sure to buy the potion too for some fighting incident. He'll give you his birthday once you reach 600 exp and above. There will be enemies who will try to ruin your date.

You can also play a quiz about the group he's in at his house.

The picture above shows you an example of what you can do in his house. You can see G Dragon smiling at you (meaning he's happy to see you). Once you give him all three albums, you can click on the "Marry" button. Well, basically, you just have to choose one of the three idols to be your partner for the prom night.

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Your task in this sim dating game is to practice your dating skills by dating boys in a virtual world before you sing at your own concert.