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Dinner dating hertfordshire

But a Ministry of Justice spokesman said the incident had been 'resolved'.

According to the Ministry of Justice, The Mount now houses over 1,000 prisoners and is a hybrid and training and resettlement prison, catering for number of prisoners who are in the last six months of their sentence and are residents of Hertfordshire and the surrounding areas. Earlier this year, two men were jailed for smuggling drugs inside using a drone.

Just this week, it emerged that an inmate was using a smuggled-in phone to harass a woman against whom he previously had a restraining order.

It said the drug problem at the jail was most acute in November when a number of prisoners suffered serious short-term health problems with 70 emergency call-outs in the month, mainly for drug related problems.

The clip showed him brazenly bragging about his prison life, in which he claims he makes a steady income selling spice to inmates, and enjoys meals of steak and cheesecake washed down with bootleg booze.

You might get an 'alright guv' or you might get a bucket of urine and faeces chucked over you.' A mother whose son is currently inside the prison also said that the prison had been on lockdown, although he did manage to find a way of communicating with her.

Laura Bradshaw tweeted: 'My son is at The Mount he has been on 24 hour lock down for weeks - apparently told Governor knows it's illegal but who is going to stop him.' She later added: 'Quite often he says he's feeling unwell and I ask if he's seen a doctor - he said it's difficult to get to see them'.

He added: 'You cannot just get these people off the shelves.