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Devotion about dating

His hulking mass is bent over a long table as he studies a crossword puzzle. From his birth in 1941 to the present, Neville tells me, song was never far away.

And over at the breakfast table is the man himself. Yet here he is, gently rising to shake hands with me and confessing sheepishly that he loves the soaps, especially played by Susan Lucci] on the guest lists for our shows.

For the first time since I have known him, Aaron Neville looks all of his 60 years. He appears every bit the father of four and grandfather of six. Never did come though.” He turns the volume down on the tube, and we get down to business.

It is midnight, and the Neville Brothers—Art, Charles, Aaron, and Cyril—are running through a brand of New Orleans funk, zydeco, jazz, soul, rhythm-and-blues fusion uniquely their own.

In the oversized pinkish den, beyond the baby grand, the soap blares on the television. ” It is hard to imagine that this unassuming, soft-spoken, cool guy in the blue muscle shirt and loose pants has won four Grammys and sold millions of albums.

His father attended Trinity Methodist Church across the street from their home on Valence Street in New Orleans.

Aaron and his brothers would occasionally sing in the choir.

Otherwise, there is no movement in the performance. The revelers are listening, perhaps for the first time this evening—listening and turning deep within. The music is charged with the details of his personal life.

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