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I would kind of dissolve into online chat rooms and forums instead of making connections in real life. Looking back on it, looking back on where I was and what I know now about psychology since I got my degree, I can see that I just wasn’t able to trust anyone enough to talk to them about what was really wrong with me.

Everybody else was so much shorter than me and so they picked on me all the time. So, while I was having these problems at school, I was having a lot of problems at home. We went to family counseling, and my sister got involved in drugs and alcohol when I was 13.

It’s all new to me, so I can see the difference in the quality of my life before I lost weight as to now.

So, while I was unhealthier before I lost a lot of weight, I’m now being harassed regularly.

Learning to adapt and overcome those problems became a goal of mine in adolescence. But it had never been to the point where I was hospitalized, so they never found out. But my parents have always supported my art and it was a really important outlet for me.[...]Des: Do you deal with any kind of depression or suicidal feelings now? I recently—well, recently as in the last two years—lost a lot of weight, and I’ve noticed an increase in street harassment.

Instead of being so depressed, I became angry because I didn’t know how to channel those complex emotions, so I would just get mad and I would throw things, and it just kind of evolved. Yesterday was our six-month anniversary, on the solstice. My art career is on the verge of taking off, and I have this wonderful husband and wonderful house, and though life is still incredibly challenging, I feel that I’ve grown from my experiences and that I’ve become a better person and better able to deal with my surroundings. I’ve had an exponential increase in the amount I’ve been harassed on the street and that negatively impacts me an incredible amount.

That was at a point where I was questioning my sexuality as well, and having those feelings.

I had a best friend that I was just head over heels for, but I didn’t know how to respond to those feelings.

I do have a lot of anxiety, but not the anger issues I used to have. I didn’t want him to have that and so I left, and I’m so much better for leaving.[...]Des: Tell me more about the anger management therapy, ‘cause it seems like that’s what kind of balanced you out. I was searching for a good therapist for a long time.