Start Dealing with your ex dating your friend

Dealing with your ex dating your friend

It is unfair to you." He sent me this after he's been ignoring me for a while. At the beginning I thought I'd be a rebound to him but he showed me in many ways he wanted me in his life, I met his parents, he talked about the future etc.he goes on and off emotionally, he is super sweet this week next week he ignores me completely no matter what I text I won't get any replies, and when he does come back, he apologizes and the last time he told me " it is just the thought I have that makes me distant, I'm just scared of being hurt again" So now he is back on the ignoring thing since last week Wednesday, after several calls and text, he just sent that text. It sounds like he wants to get your permission to take a break or end things with you to avoid confrontation.

If he's not your husband, and he's not your son, you can be thankful, and start looking for a better man who's worth your time and your love.

Staying 2 to 3 days without receiving any message on Whats App or phone call It's possible that your boyfriend is busy with work, school or other obligations. Are you two the type of couple that normally spends a lot of time together and communicate daily, or has it always been this way?

Should I be worried if my boyfriend sent me an email talking about how he think an ex is an ex that should stay in the past and how he hopes I feel the same way because one of my exes came to fix my car and see his daughter and he didn't like it.

In that case, it would be in your best interest to move on.

I thought that was a strange answer to a strange action.

I don't understand why he sent me so many and I didn't know he had them and she was sending them.

Also, a relationship that is forcing you to be someone that you are not is not worth it in the long run.