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And I like the insight into traveling that part of France.

A constant reminder to live your life fully, forgive yourself daily, and love yourself more.

There’s a line in her book, ‘There’s a gift in the waiting,’ which perfectly describes this gem of a memoir.” – Amy Ferris, author of Marrying George Clooney, Confessions from a Midlife Crisis “Brook’s observant tale left me longing to box up my bike and head back to France.

I am not into cycling---at least not anything close to Nancy Brook.

I have a Schwinn beach cruiser-- that I struggle to keep upright. She made me feel as though I were with her on her French trip, however, and her sense of humor made this book a pleasure to read. Interesting to appreciate the first time writer's perspective and some women thoughts on dating.

Sharing her personal journey, she gives us a rich book with insight, poise, and warmth.

A great read for women AND men alike.” – Eric Gelb, author and copywriter,

And if you are an American, you are one of those she says is "obvious with with their brightly colored clothes and their bulky bodies". By her early forties Nancy had already accomplished a lot, including picking herself up after her husband disappeared with money from their joint business, leaving her a single parent with debts and in trouble with the police.