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Dating with down syndrome

Today, we have a wide range of performances from operas, musical and choral concerts, to drama productions. The museum includes displays about the work of Dr John Langdon Down and the history of Normansfield from 1868 to 1997.

We have regular classes, music workshops, training days, theatre performances, filming, photoshoots and receptions. We also arrange school and educational visits which include a presentation, guided tour and can be tailored to your requirements.

An Australian model with Down syndrome is quickly proving herself to be one of the world's most successful rising stars after returning to New York Fashion Week for the fifth time.20-year-old model and designer Madeline Stuart hit the catwalk on Monday to debut the second collection for her brand, 21 Reasons Why.

This includes his ships, a model of Brunel’s Great Eastern, paintings and other objects.

For opening times, talks and details of how to book a visit click here to view the museum website.

Please click here to view the Down’s Syndrome Association website.

The facilities at the Langdon Down Centre are available for hire.

After all, asks her mom, "What kind of society do you want to live in?

" That's a good question, as prenatal screening becomes more widely available, and much of the world grapples with this new breed of eugenics.

Normansfield Theatre is a hidden gem, and considered to be one of the most important private theatres in the country.

Home to the largest collection of restored Victorian scenery, we are also one of only two theatres in the country with the original scene changing system in place. In 2015 we received a Heritage Lottery Grant for £85,100 for the project – .

Tickets for all events can now be purchased online. Dr John Langdon Down was a Victorian physician who established Normansfield in 1868 as a family home and a place where people with learning disabilities could be cared for and educated at a time when most of them would have been condemned to life in an asylum.