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Dating questionair

Alternatively, singles can create their own “bespoke” questions by uploading their own pictures and typing out questions.

Now, it seems that dating companies are trying to find a middle ground between the two extremes.

It was recently announced that e Harmony had made its 149-question survey optional, and now lets new members create a basic profile by answering a few quick questions.

A number of dating startups have also opted to go down similar routes, such as Date Play with its Buzzfeed-style personality quiz and Hater, which asks singles to indicate how they feel about a number of topics before they can see potential matches.

Singles are then asked to choose three to five interests from the app’s extensive list of options, which includes topics like entertainment, food, the arts and humour.

The interests they pick here will be used to help match them later on.

Clikd, one of the latest apps to hit the online dating market, is following the same trend, but doing something new – matching singles based on their answers to personalised quizzes.

The app lets singles build their own picture-based questionnaires, either by choosing from pre-prepared questions or uploading photos and creating their own, which prospective matches must answer correctly in order to match with them.

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