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Dating perloff

Perloff’s announcement comes as ACT is searching for a permanent executive director, with Peter Pastreich currently serving in that role in an interim capacity.

If I hadn’t had that in my life, the Olympia [Dukakis]s, the Irene Lewises, the Michele Shays, I wouldn’t have had a career.

Keeping people in the field should be a goal of all of ours, not throwing away talent when they’re over fifty.

Perloff, 58, said finding both new leaders at once might be easier for ACT, describing the situation as an “opportunity for new artistic and executive leadership.” The news also arrives on the heels of Berkeley Rep’s recent announcement that Tony Taccone, its own long-serving artistic director, will step down at the end of the 2018-19 season.

Together, the two departures herald great change in Bay Area theater, in the shows the companies produce, the artists they commission and develop, the education and other programs they champion and the relationships they build with their cities.

I cannot believe that TCG hasn’t done anything about this. This is really something we can only do in aggregate. The other thing that’s really interesting to me is that something like sixty percent of theatre tickets in this country are purchased by women between ages forty-five and seventy.

We tried to deal with child care when I first came to ACT, but the regulations are so enormous, a single institution is challenged to do it alone. But you tell me how many older women there are in this profession.

Pinter and Tom Stoppard are particular favorites of Perloff.