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Dating guerlain by

According to Elisabeth Barille, "while examining a sample of vanillin, Jacques Guerlain suddenly poured the entire contents into a nearby bottle of Jicky, just to see what would happen." The result: Shalimar.

I have sprayed this stuff onto myself and into the air...scent of the Mitsouko that I loved is overshadowed by a strange chemical-like smell....smells like plastic. But what I do know is that I truly loved the Mitsouko that I had originally experienced....

There is a hint of Mitsouko in there but it is not worth using this..disappointing to see this happen to Mitsouko EDT. Mitsouko made me feel beautiful and a mysterious, haunting fragrance.

In Netflix original, "Orange Is The New Black" (S1: E6 "WAC pack") prison inmate Nicky describes protagonist Piper as smelling of shalimar after a goodbye hug from her opulent mother during visitation.