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In this article I will refer to "my jurisdiction", this is not meant to refer to my home jurisdiction, just a fictitious jurisdiction meant for example. A Grand Lodge is the controlling authority of a jurisdiction.

All of the Grand Lodges and Lodges of the PHA are direct decedents of the original Prince Hall Lodge which formed in 1797.

PHA has 4,500 constituent lodges associated with them and many recognize their CGMNA counterparts and the United Grand Lodge of England.

All Grand Lodges are autonomous, a Grand Lodge does not answer to any higher authority. One reason for the lack of universal recognition between all Jurisdictions is ritual work.

This is an overly simplified definition of a Grand Lodge, it will suffice though for this article. Masonry has at it's core ritual work designed to teach and remind it's members about the importance of lessons taught in it's ritual and ceremonies.

What I have hopefully been able to point out in this article is that the words Clandestine Masonry have such a broad meaning and nuances really are what are important.

The fact is that in the world two Jurisdiction that may occupy the same physical geographic region may not allow their members to attend each others meeting's, they may still meet outside of regular meetings to discuss issues that are important to all parties involved.

In the above examples I have used as my three jurisdictions.

They may all have similar lineages coming from a common source, often the Grand Lodge of England, although not always.

By custom the junior Grand Lodge requests recognition from the senior Grand Lodge.

There is nothing that requires a junior Grand Lodge to seek recognition from a senior Grand Lodge.

More particularly in the modern age, as more and more information is available on-line about Freemasonry these co-opted Jurisdictions and lodges have begun to crop up.