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Dating dna plus iphone

And if you just want to know your ancestry percentages and how much Neanderthal variants you have, the $99 version is a good bet.

These tests analyzed my saliva sample to find out a host of different things that my DNA can tell me about my ancestry and health.

The company’s solution can recharge a device across the room, without requiring physical contact between the handset and the wireless charging station.

But Arcuri says the phone will support either Qi or Airfuel protocols.

The service also helps you link up your DNA test to a self-reported family tree.

There's a lot to discover within that ancestry data — for example, I was matched up with ancestors dating back to the 18th century, and could explore how I was connected to them.

If you simply want to know what percent Scandinavian you are, Ancestry's site makes it easy to focus on those numbers.

Those who want to dig deep into your family tree can do that as well.

Humans have 3 billion base pairs of DNA in our genome — that's a lot of information to sift through — so genotyping technology looks for specific parts of DNA and pieces them together.