Start Dating an irish girl

Dating an irish girl

You can modify this comment if you are Irish, particularly if you're not from the location of the conversation. If she is obviously beautiful, she will already have heard such comments before, and you might be lucky to get a "thanks" as she stifles another yawn.

It matters not if they fail to resemble the body characteristics of Cindy Crawford; they will always possess a feature attractive to men... If this happens, then the chemistry has begun and you're on a winner!

The next phase is to avoid talking about yourself, and to get the girl to reveal something about herself, without getting too personal at this stage.

Many are used to receiving platitudes and compliments, so why not say something neutral, or even negative, such as: You're keeping your options open here - you haven't said that she is not good looking, but recognise the fact that she might be an attraction to local talent.

It is not just about a good look, whether you look good or make you partner look good, not just about simple respect and humour.

You must remember that your main aim is to get the girl to reveal something about herself, not bore her stupid about yourself.

Irish girls love a good listener, sometimes a lad with a bit of mystique.

According to a recent poll, Irish men have been declared the sexiest men in the world.