Start Dating an emotionally unavailable women

Dating an emotionally unavailable women

I have been able to practice this skill with potential romantic partners via online dating.

Such as when I am feeling really anxious or when something happens that upsets me or when someone turns out to be fun.

The texting is more enjoyable than most of the first dates are and I am learning and growing by doing it!

This sounds simple but its something I didn’t know how to do.

When I am ready it will happen and meanwhile my life is full and happy.

I am aware that this is just my fear but its still very hard to get away from this behavior.

My therapist’s advice to fix this is straightforward.

He asked me to list ten things I like about the person and just show curiosity about the thing that I am finding to be a turn off without being judgmental about it. Another thing that works is to not do dating alone.