Start Dating a stronger girl

Dating a stronger girl

You also need to be mentally strong enough when having a bad training day to realize it’s just an isolated incident and not get discouraged.

strong, I’m talking elite-level powerlifter strong. If we are talking pound for pound, she is much stronger than I.

Don’t get me wrong, she’s absolutely gorgeous and has a personality that results in us talking for hours even though it feels like minutes have passed, but it was her strength that initially got me.

She sure does love her cheesecake runs to the Cheesecake Factory. However, if you tend to not eat a lot, you need to step your appetite game up if you’re going to date a powerlifter.

Never joke about her weight Let me caveat this by saying that you should never really joke about a woman’s weight, however, be prepared for a shitstorm if you do it a powerlifter.

For me, this is completely cool and I’m glad she has friends to train alongside.

I’ve come to an understanding that the relationships she has with the men in her powerlifting team are strong and ones that I’d never try to mess up.

Athletes burn more calories than the average human.