Start Dating a perfectionist

Dating a perfectionist

The sun shone as the wind blew through my long blue hair as I get to school.

A few of us out of the entire group accomplished that goal.

"But I also want to advice you to have fun while your at it."Okasan said as she stared at me with those sweet and soft eyes as she smiled dearly at me. I started to look around, but failed to find S Class. I then started to look for someone who can guide me in S Class.

"Well, your just going to learn in school and get a good grade..." I began. Can you please guide me to-." I started but then that person just walked away from me and didn't notice my presence. "Excuse me can you guide me to-." I then got interupted by another person as he passed by me as if I wasn't there.

I believe my wife would call me a perfectionist and I have a secret.