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Cougar dating tx

If you are looking for cougar bars in Dallas you have come to the right place.

Wildlife officials say that they are not found in the United States and the reported sightings are probably sightings of dark colored cougars I talked with an old game warden friend, Billy Platt in Jasper.

He told me over the years he had received reports of cougar sightings, several from reputable witnesses.

They are solitary animals and live in remote country and are seldom seen by humans.

” Let me paraphrase the line from “Wizard of Oz.” “Cougars, wild hogs and bears!

Adult males weigh between 200 to 475 pounds while the female will weigh between 120 to 250 pounds.

The last reported killing of a black bear in Texas was on May 20, 1973 at a locality eight miles north of Silsbee.

He surmised that the carcass was carried up in the tree by a cougar.