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Consolidating services in lima ohio

For example, different government departments used to run different versions of Microsoft Exchange.

Other governments take a federated approach, perhaps consolidating data centers and other infrastructure within a central IT organization, but also retaining technology staff and leadership in each agency or department.

While dedicating themselves to specific organizations, those ITS employees also can spot opportunities for agencies with similar needs to work together, said Miller.

“Rather than build from scratch, we can make sure that investments in one part of the state are leveraged in another part of the state.” The effort isn’t complete, but consolidation already has delivered significant savings in New York.

“And we have stand-up meetings daily,” Daidone added. That’s really helped.” Consolidation is nothing new in Marietta.

Even in 1999, when IT director Ronald Barrett took his first position with the city, a single organization supported technology throughout the enterprise.

The state now takes an enterprise approach to issues such as security, budget management and governance, Miller added.

“And we’re looking at providing the best possible service to our citizens by consolidating applications.” The goal is to give the public a seamless, consistent experience as residents transact business with different state agencies.

The person assigned to that function knew a lot about electrical operations but needed help from people who understand Internet protocol.