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Consolidating platinum

Customers seeking refunds have sued Platinum six times in Los Angeles County Small Claims Court since 2011.

(Ty Wright, Bloomberg)"You are desperate, and you start thinking this is the way to go," she said. The dozen homes she visited were already rented or had higher rents than Platinum advertised, she said.

None of the landlords she contacted had heard of Platinum.

Foreclosures exploded, and former homeowners flooded the rental market, creating an environment ripe for rental listing scams, the agency warned. Jerry Brown signed a bill that boosted protections for consumers using rental listing services and made enforcement easier for authorities."The people who can least afford it are usually those who are victimized," said state Sen. Most prospective renters now turn to free online listings.

But some people turn to listing services in hopes of speeding up a cumbersome process.

In the one case, the suit was dismissed after Platinum and the plaintiff failed to appear in court.

Aliyah Ahmad accused Platinum Consulting of "unethical business, consumer deceit" in a small claims lawsuit she won in May.

Arrieta said a Platinum employee denied her a refund, despite a state law that requires refunds if the services don't work out.

Platinum required its fee be paid upfront with cash or a money order, according to a customer contract."I was so angry with them," said Arrieta, 52.

Others said it offered listings tailored to their criteria.

Other customers said the firm promised to set up viewings with landlords.

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