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Chris brown dating angela

A “small group” born out of the local guild, where the names and faces have changed over the years– gather once a month to share, explore new techniques, expand quilting knowledge and critique each others work in a loving and fun way.

Laura joined me for my traditional “bubble tea” at Etcetera.

We met up with the Fiberistas and, aside from our second annual mexican dinner together on Saturday night, we had to do the kitschy AQS Paducah backdrop thing for our 2017 picture.

When open it was a snuggly quilt, but with a little folding and tucking it became a pillow. Trey got the stormtrooper and Yoda for his birthday and Sommer got Leah and Luke (complete with light saber) for hers. So there you have it a post that contains both Star Wars and handcrafts. I found myself saying “pace yourselves” to my new roommates, who were stocking up on a bit of beautiful fabric before we even reached Quilt City, USA!

If you’d like to include a story, that would be icing on the cake 🙂 !

Once again we’ll turn the kitchen into a studio and do some stitching when we feel the urge. By only driving halfway we didn’t have to miss church today 🙂 .

We’ll spend tonight in Champaign, IL, so we can visit the Amish shops in the Arthur area tomorrow, since they are closed on Sunday.

Laura and Eileen have never been to Quilt Week, so I can’t wait to show them around.