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Chris beetem dating

Harm wanted Coates for Mattie's roommate as he felt that Mattie, being a teenager, would need a female role model. He was a no-nonsense, gruff CO and former Navy SEAL but always had his "people's" back. She and Harm were kind of attracted to each other, and had a "weekend" together, but it fell apart when they realized it was just a thoughtless fling. He was ADM Brovo's assistant (and often the butt of his jokes) and briefly served as acting Judge Advocate General in between ADM Brovo and the arrival of Admiral Chegwidden.

She had a terrible childhood with her abusive alcoholic father and a mother who abandoned her on her 15th birthday.

Suffered from alcoholism but sobered up and joined the Marine Corps at age 19.

CDR Lindsey later pleaded out to involuntary manslaughter and was sentenced to eight years in Fort Leavenworth. He was on the mission where Harm's father was shot down.

His first appearance on the show was as the CAG aboard the USS Seahawk.

By the series finale, Harm and Mac became engaged to be married and would continue to live in either San Diego or London, based on who won a coin flip based on where they had been promoted to.

He was promoted three times during the series' run, being first introduced in the pilot episode as a lieutenant to ending with the rank of captain in second to last episode.

He had a younger brother, Mikey (Michael Bellisario) who had aspirations of being an artist before being accepted into the Naval Academy, and eventually became a radar and gunnery technician.