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When they skin touched, the feeling of it was so hard to explain. As soon as she got up, that boy was smiled, a cute smile. ” Both Delmy and Ab, got their jaw dropped to the ground as those words came out of Irene’s lips. Irene turned; saw Ab winked at her before they left James, Irene, and her shopping bags at Mall’s Food Court’s Taco Bell to the makeup section. She wanted to call my other sister, Kayla, who is older than her, to go shopping with her.

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He read a message on the screen, and his eyes widened. I forgot that I’ll have a biology project to do tomorrow! “Alana, we must go home now” Alana’s eyebrows furrowed in disappointment. I’ll give you my number if need something from me” James said, ripped a bill from one of Alana’s shopping bag, pulled out a pen from his jeans’ pocket, and wrote something on that bill’s blank side. She sighs heavily, and opens the car’s door, so as Alex.

Irene’s head feels a bit hurt, after a long daydream fuzz her vision.

### “Dear, we are here” Alex said, loosen his seatbelt.