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Many censored web sites previously redirected the user to a site hosted by the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology (MICT) which states that the requested destination could not be displayed due to improper content.

and have all been blocked, making reasonable political discussion very difficult.

Prachatai and Pantip have chosen to self-censor, closely monitoring each discussion, in order to remain unblocked.

A trend is increased censorship of anti-coup websites such as 19 September Network against Coup d'Etat, which has been blocked six times as of February 2007, with the government refusing to acknowledge responsibility for the blocking.

Most sites concerning the violent political situation in Thailand's Muslim south are blocked, specifically those in support of the Patani United Liberation Organisation (PULO), a banned group which works for a separate Muslim state, including PULO's appeals to the United Nations for redress. News, the Post-Intelligencer newspaper (Seattle, USA), and The Age newspaper (Melbourne, Australia) dealing with Thai political content are blocked.

This brought the total number of websites blocked to more than 45,000.

All websites are blocked in secret and the criteria for censorship has never been made public by government.

Video sharing sites such as Camfrog have recently been blocked on the grounds that people were "behaving indecently" on webcams.

The block was later reversed when it was discovered that Camfrog provided a principal means of communication for the handicapped, elderly and shut-ins.

Blacklisting the website is beneficial for this kind of web censorship as the webmasters would be unaware that their websites are being blocked.

This measure is said to be used to make unpleasant websites appear unavailable.

CSOC pro-actively monitors websites and social media, and provides ISPs with a rapidly updated blocklist, including postings on Twitter and Facebook. MICT blocks indirectly by informally "requesting" the blocking of websites by Thailand's 54 commercial and non-profit Internet service providers (ISPs).