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To keep our ‘ecosystem’ accessible and pleasant for all these different people requires that everybody is considerate towards others and that certain topics of conversation are better avoided.

This is a little hard to gauge and manage, but if you imagine a room full of people, and one person trying to force everyone else to listen to their point/subject only, that’s soapboxing. And one more request: When communicating with others privately through e.g.

a PM (Private Message) or e-mail, remember that anything shared in private is just that: private, and should not be shared with others without prior permission from all parties involved.

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The next stage (or in case of a serious offence the first action) for repeated offences might also be a straight ‘time out’.

Beyond that, if someone repeatedly offends and is clearly not respecting the guidelines, the moderator or another user, the moderator has the power to ban that user from the site for a period of time or indefinitely.

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