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Brad pitt dating 2016

Among the rumors bandied about by mysterious sources was that Pitt and Cotillard had cozied up on set (which was quickly and vehemently denied), leading skeptics to wonder about the timing: unfortunate coincidence or masterful movie marketing? Smith, the 2005 romantic thriller on the set of which Jolie and Pitt famously fell in love.

He and Kate share a lot of mutual friends who think she’s ideal for him.” What’s more, the magazine’s either made-up or ill-informed insider claims Hudson asked Jennifer Aniston for “approval” before pursuing Pitt.

“Jen thinks Kate’s exactly what Brad needs right now.

But over the Thanksgiving holiday, up against a new Disney princess and a recently unveiled menagerie of fantastic beasts, it’s tracking at $20 million for the long weekend, on a budget of $80 million.

A failure to draw bigger crowds may stem from a combination of its dated formula and Pitt’s wounded public image post-divorce.

The stakes are lower in Allied, not in terms of the action (being married to an alleged Nazi spy is a perilous predicament for a Canadian intelligence officer), but in the lower volume of the rumor mill, where offscreen drama stands to up the ante onscreen.

The Pitt-Cotillard rumors were but a footnote in a breakup story with far more damning accusations. That movie would go on to make $183 million domestically and nearly $300 million worldwide.

Some fared better than others—even a spark based in real love can’t always compensate for a uninspired script or a confused plot. The movie told the bleak tale of a dissolving marriage, and might have claimed a similar onscreen/offscreen parallel to the one that drew audiences to Mr. Smith: could we perhaps be bearing witness to the end of something, just as we had witnessed its beginning?