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To be really transparent, the second guy seemed like a nice guy, and probably thought he was too, but in reality was a total jerk.

(Note: @BJFait has been ruled ineligible for this list because her cat lives with me, but she is very funny on Twitter and also has very pretty eyes in real life. @Parker Hageman (Parker Hageman) Twins Daily blogger. She did a very nice job on the piece, which included artsy caricatures of each person and lots of fun quotes, but my Twitter obsession won't let me go on living without posting my own ranking. • Imagine how great Le Bron James would be if he didn't have the world's most disgusting feet.

Mine is slightly different in that I refuse to use the word "Twitterers" and anyone is eligible, but it's the same basic idea. • Chase Utley finally responded to Mac's love letter from "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia.

• I really enjoyed this story about Miami Heat power forward Udonis Haslem and his wife.

• As someone who lost 150 pounds almost exclusively via counting calories and moderate exercise Susan Perry's "why we can't rely on counting calories" piece for Minn Post was very interesting.

We broke down the Morneau trade, fan favorite producer Kate Butler made her triumphant return, the microphones exploded, and the crowd booed John Bonnes when he explained that Paul Allen and Dan Barreiro wouldn't be showing up because it was just us. Next week it's back to podcast-only (and beer drinking).

• In fact, Saturday afternoon we'll be recording "Gleeman and The Geek" at Summit Brewing's annual "Backyard Bash" event. • As a Twins fan it makes me incredibly sad whenever prominent media members ignorantly and dangerously downplay the damage done by concussions, so watching this video felt good: Imagine being the guy on the other end of that.

• I went back through my archives to find the earliest stuff I wrote about Morneau in 2003.

• This week's "Gleeman and The Geek" episode was recorded live in front of an audience at the Minnesota State Fair.

Topics for this week's "Gleeman and The Geek" episode with guest co-host Nick Nelson of Twins Daily included the Twins' ugly series in Kansas City, the next wave of pitching prospects, shopping for a catcher this offseason, the pros and cons of trading Brian Dozier, Jorge Polanco as a shortstop, Adalberto Mejia's debut, Hector Santiago's awful start, and Oswaldo Arcia hitting the waiver wire. Last year, in response to Maggie La Maack ranking the "Top 20 Twin Cities Twitterers" for a City Pages article, I did my own ranking. @APkrawczynski (Jon Krawczynski) Associated Press basketball, baseball, and football reporter.

Sure, it was controversial and ruined many friendships, but it also got people to step up their Twitter game. Not the guy from "The Office." Deserves less criticism than anyone, takes criticism better than everyone. @ampersandria (Ampersandria Ya Dummy) Transported here from a bygone era by the comedy gods.

Recently, I wrote about experimenting with going eye makeup-free. But it also irked me that I “looked” like I was wearing makeup...really well-done makeup should make it look like I’m not wearing any makeup at all. But then it started getting weirder, as these things seem to. We rode the train home together and since we were sitting, and he got off before me, he left without so much as a hug.