Start Beck dating trina

Beck dating trina

The large the size, the more fabric – aka the longer the torso!

Knowing the success of this show so far, it'll probably warrant at least 4 seasons. She says she's been getting tons of calls - but didn't call the paramedics (until Rex suggests it, and after t hat, we don't know if she did).

If there were to be a season 4, they'd all be in college. Everyone looks bewildered, but no one actually does anything.

I remember discussing what we would name it and him calling me one day and saying, ‘I have it, it’s going to be called “Our first day of production of the pilot was on my 16th birthday. “The show aired in March of 2010 right after the Kids Choice Awards and we debuted to record numbers for the network. The cast and I have had so many incredible memories together and we are so touched by the outpouring of support from all of you.

I remember Dan saying, ‘some girls get a car for their 16th birthday, but I just thought I’d give you a TV show’. The cast and I really do wish we had a proper finale, but it wasn’t to be.

“Cat- She realizes that she has strong feelings for Robbie and that it was him along.

Cat also starts her own babysitting service with a girl named “Sam” *wink*.

He gives Mark Zuckerberg (Face Book owner) a run for his money. The gang always stays in touch every year after year at Hollwood Arts reunions.

“So many of you have tweeted me and messaged me about how the show has really touched you and given you inspiration to follow your own dreams.

“Robbie- He finally says goodbye to Rex after he finds love with Cat.

Sometimes he tries to move Cat’s mouth with his hand… “Jade- goes onto have a very successful career as Hollywood’s new horror queen.

We all laughed and we then started our very first table read. At the end of the table read, they surprised me with a big birthday cake, flowers and balloons. So, because we don’t have one, I’m going to tell you what I think happens to every cast member.