Start Bad breath dating man

Bad breath dating man

"It is such an embarrassing situation," Alvarez, 31, of Los Angeles told CNN.

How to fight it Fighting the smelly bacteria is like preparing for battle. A dry mouth is a breeding ground for offensive-smelling bacteria on your tongue.

"Saliva has oxygen in it, which makes it a natural enemy for the foul-smelling bacteria," Katz says.

Delicately bring up the issue by carrying mints with you.

Take one yourself first and then offer one to your friend who has bad breath.

If you modify your lifestyle and eating habits yet bad breath persists, contact your health care provider to make sure it isn't a sign of a more serious medical condition.

Roughly 10% of bad breath cases are a symptom of chronic sinus or respiratory infection, reflux disease, liver and kidney disorder, cancer or diabetes.

These diseases can release chemicals into the body that result in bad breath.