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Audrey and dating

Ten months later the couple were exchanging vows in downtown Detroit’s Milwaukee Junction, not far from Ilan’s hometown of Southfield, where the engagement took place.

Audrey made her movie debut from the film, ‘Venus Beauty Institute’ in 1999.

The actress has appeared in several films which include ‘Pretty Devils,' ‘Marry Me,' ‘God Is Great, and I’m Not,' ‘Microbe & Gasoline,' ‘Open at Night’ and ‘Eternity.' Moreover, the actress is currently filming her upcoming movie, ‘Going Places’ in 2017.

“All of my friends have such vivid and unrestrained personalities, and it felt wrong to put them in cookie-cutter dresses,” explains Audrey. We all came into Jenna’s office, and she got a sense of our personalities and had this supernatural ability to translate it into a vision.

It was one of the most fun experiences I’ve ever had.” Cashmere mock-turtlenecks and penny loafers—which bridesmaid Lena Dunham had customized with the couple’s initials by artist Brian Kasper—or ankle-strap pumps completed the delightfully retro ensemble.

The actress garnered the hefty amount from her works in movies, television series and stage performances.

She used to charge the salary of €885 thousand for ‘Un long Dimanche de fiançailles,' €1 million for ‘Ensemble, chest tout,' €1.5 million for ‘Coco Avant Chanel,' €1.1 million for ‘De vrais mensonges’ and €700 thousand for ‘La delicatesse.' The actress with short hair, Audrey is completely secretive when it comes to her personal life.

The couple experienced a judicious and steady version of what might otherwise be deemed a whirlwind romance.