Start Android birthday calendar not updating

Android birthday calendar not updating

For many people, Google Calendar’s web app and mobile apps are enough to keep schedules straight, but if you’d like a more enticing UI or more powerful features, you can use Google Calendar and one of the other apps in this list together for scheduling nirvana.

If you like having everything in one place, this is an all-in-one productivity tool to consider.

As part of the Microsoft Office suite used by so many organizations, Outlook shines best when it comes to sharing calendars with teammates.

The best calendars, however, aren't just functional—they're actually fun to use and help make you more productive.

This ubiquitous app can also pull in other calendars, such as Google Calendar.

Some want their calendars to be simple and streamlined; others prefer robust, customizable calendar apps that track tasks and notes alongside events.

Your phone and computer already come with a calendar app—but there's an ocean of alternatives that might be better for you.

Although there’s no desktop app, Google Calendar works with every desktop calendar out there.