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He can be nervous in new situations and prefers to take things slow so he can feel more comfortable in what is happening around him.

in jail again; bail at $500 1 City police grab thief, friend flees 4 Three youths jailed on drink charge 1 Police grab car thieves on tire tip 1 Milwaukie woman attacked by teenager 1 Monday night City Council accepts Chief Delp’s resignation 1 Olin Nichols police chief 1 School bombing threat juvenile hoax police say 1 Bank burglary, counterfeiting, highlight week 1 Alert grocer tips police to wanted man 1 Police investigate break-in, thefts 1 Kids involved in fewer crimes, records here show 1 Rash of burglaries plague north county during week 1 Weekend crime wave hits area; church, 1 County murders similar 10 March 1965 1 Ex-convict faces count of murder 24 March 1965 1 Girl pleads innocent to murder 7 April 1965 1 Thugs heist store 12 March 1965 1 Girl's trial for murder 1 Milwaukians terrorized by gunmen 2 June 1965 1 Sex, liquor, unhappy home preceded mother's death 9 June 1965 1 North Clackamas coed gains acquital 16 June 1965 1 Murder defense starts 30 June 1965 1 Trial reveals death details 17 July 1965 1 Fatal shooting violent end to family fight 21 July 1965 1 North Clackamas hit by rash of thefts 22 Sept 1965 1 Man menaces Milwaukie youth 1 Milwaukie police report sky lights 4 Chief orders arrest after $2.00 bill spent 1 Suspect held in $4,000 Serv-U-Mart robbery 2 March 1966 1 Accused counterfeiter arrested 1 Police raid alleged Bawdy 21 Sept 1966 1 High speed shooting chase ends with arrests 1 Southgate robbery nets $4,800.

1 Violence in North Clackamas proceeds holiday season 1 Milwaukie Police make $3500 haul, arrest two 1 Jury finds woman guilty in obscene material trial 1 yeggs crack market for $10,000 19 April 1967 1 Weird events tied in brutal death 26 April 1967 1 Victim's widow, giant teenager held in murder.

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Simon enjoys l Watson is available to meet between 10 am and 4 pm daily. This fun-loving, energetic boy is looking for a quiet home with a fully-fenced yard (6 ft high) where he can play with you.

High 12 Gladstone targets gang graffiti 1 Bank customers foil mugger 11 Victim recounts harrowing ordeal 1 Fingerprint your kids for safety and it’s free 08 Mary 1995 5 Police/Fire levy on ballot in Milwaukie 1 Police sergeant still hunts killer 1 Clackamas County adds 40 new deputies A1 Deputy’s “sixth sense” snares suspects A1 Closing METH labs: double jeopardy A1 Gladstone cat killer gets a year in prison A1 Police have few leads in firebombing A1 Crime and downtown Milwaukie A3 County voters to decide fate of law enforcement finding A3 Milwaukie wins police grant A3 Sheriff’s reserve stretches the long arm of the law A3 County voters approve law enforcement levy A1 A mapping of moments A6 Cops grant rolls downtown A1 Sheriff’s office to start motorcycle patrols in July A5 Milwaukie police take aim at fraud A1 Downtown residents favor exclusion zone A3 City to remodel police building A4 Police union newsletter draws controversy A1 City of Milwaukie union bargaining breakthrough A4 Garage door burglar caught after chasing coins A1 Police chief calls for more officers A1 September vote to decide communication system bond A3 911 upgrade faces little opposition A1 Police union files complaint against chief A2 CCC to open police training center A3 More cops work neighborhoods before grant money A1 runs out Nuisance law deters petty crime 1 Police arrest two men in shooting 2 Man arrested for attempted murder 2 Cops on bikes could be cruising to a park near you 1 Police enforcement blitzes send traffic safety 1 Message to area motorists Milwaukie police get grant to examine perceived 5 Downtown problems 'They're here' is deputy's warnings about gangs 5 Gladstone police bust hotel room meth lab 2 Sheriff employees union in rift with county 2 Murder hits close to home at apartment complex 1 Robber strikes Mc Loughlin Shucks Bradshaw honored as state's top sheriff 1 Authorities link local murder to serial rapist 1 Police seek suspect in Winchell's holdup 1 CCC hopes p0ublic safety center changes stereotypes 8 Officer Sam Freshner DARES to make a difference 8 For area students Interrupted delivery 1 Deputies, Portland police team up for prostitution sting 1 Deputies' response to shooting call upsets neighbors 1 New facility bucks smoke-filled image of 1 many firing ranges Police chiefs' grant will help drive 1 drunken drivers off the road OC commission moves ahead with plan despite police 7 Union opposition Crime prevention specialist helps lift community spirit 1 Shooting and arrest hospitalize three - including suspect 1 Jerness resigns; department looks to future 1 Former trainee charges racism at County Sheriff’s Office 1 New Child Abuse Team bags an arrest on day one 1 Former MHS student arrested in 4 murder of Astoria woman Under new chief, OC cops get along – 1 and map their future County law-enforcement levy goes to 8 Sept 1999 1 voters in November There’s a new badge in town: Chief Larry Kanzler 15 Sept 1999 1 New Milwaukie chief: PD can’t do it all 22 Sept 1999 7 Police officer’s ‘Safe Reunion 5 Program’ goes county-wide School-bus driver arrested on sex-abuse charges 16 Milwaukie police investigate possible ‘skinhead’ attack 10 Police ID body found in Happy Valley 5 Polk County man arrested on Clackamas 5 sex-abuse charges County tobacco sales to teens above state average 8 March 2000 7 Oregon City man, 84, held in wife’s murder 5 Police looking for clues, help in radar-trailer attack 7 Murder in Oregon City 4 Fatal Crash in Boring 4 County Sheriffs host international experts at ‘Child 3 Abuse Summit’ Sheriffs Office Mourns Loss of Deputy in Training Accident 5 Sex Offender Notification in Clackamas County 5 Clackamas Man Charged in Jail Attack on Prison Guard 3 Investigation continues in mobile-home park shooting 3 Two dead in murder, police shooting 4 Canby high-tech seed lab vandalized 4 Clackamas Drowning Victim's Body Found in Portland 5 Armed Robbers Flee by Bike, Moped 5 One Dead in Molalla Plane Crash 3 Sex Offender Notification Made in Oregon City 3 Portland Teen Arrested for Alleged Murder of Infant Son 4 One Dead in Eight Car Collision 6 Remains Found Near Estacada Identified 5 Sheriff’s office mourns loss of deputy in training accident 5 Milwaukie PD officer resigns, pleads guilty 4 Robbers Hit Sunnyside, Oak Grove Banks 4 Custodian arrested on sex-abuse charges 3 Report blames ammunition shuffle, missed safety check in deputy shooting County Jail audit prompted by ‘stun-gun’ incident 1 Sheriff seeks leads in Estacada corpse puzzler 3 Officials blast Measure 3 passage, warn of threat to drug 1 enforcement Final Report Released on Bowman Shooting 1,9 Hunt for "Rat Burglar" Intensifies 1,8 Is Milwaukie's "Rat Burglar " Already Trapped?

1,8,9 Police Arrest Suspect in Milwaukie, OC Sex Crimes 3 Hit and Run Driver Strikes Squad Car 4 Patrick Hag Skeleton Found on Forest Road 4 Suspected "Serial Flasher" Re-arrested in Oregon City 4 Four Arrested in April 9 Beating 3 Clackamas Authorities Ask For Help in Hunt for 3 Attempted Rapists Marine Recruiter Arrested on Sex Charges 2 S.

All animals listed are available at the OHS shelter in NE Portland, unless otherwise indicated in their profile.