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David was purposefully rough with his sister to impress upon her that he meant business, and to re-instill in her the recognition of him as all-powerful as she had been convinced yesterday. " Allison tearfully explained her major hygiene faux pas. He secretly used it to 'oil up' after lifting, admiring himself in the full-length mirror posing in just his tight briefs...stroking his ego, before applying more oil to stroke his cock for a post-workout masturbation session.

It made his plan for his besieged sister that much more enjoyable when she bitched and moaned helplessly.

David was remarkably tender with his sister's acutely abraded bottom, displaying a concern for her welfare completely missing just moments earlier.

Now certain she wouldn't flee, he even removed his hand from the back of her torso.

Allison rocked on her knees seeking to lift herself, causing her dangling jugs to sway provocatively from side-to-side in an unwanted erotic display that delighted her little brother. It wouldn't be her last, as her merciless brother did not wait for the fleshy globe to finish wobbling when he struck a similarly vigorous slap to her tempting left cheek. ' The sound left no doubt he had used sufficient strength to get her full attention. Her feet kicked against the carpeted floor causing her toes to hurt, while her hair flew about as her head jerked from agony. After the non-stop wallops and blistering slaps of her brother's blows, the oil was soothing and a welcome relief from the painful discipline.