Start 841 error validating cardaccount number range

841 error validating cardaccount number range

66 Other Error Error December 2006 Orbital Gateway Interface Specification Page 106 Code Definition Status Action 68 Invalid CC Number Error 69 Does not match MOP Error 71 No Account Decline 72 Invalid Institution Code Decline 73 Method of Payment is Invalid for Merchant Error 74 Invalid Expiration Date Decline Cust. Never send more than one of the following: City, phone, url OR Soft Desc: [%s] is not allowed for ECP transactions 9729 Soft Desc: Invalid format for Merchant Phone.

Message rejected 518 This merchant is not active until [This error is returned when a Merchant Account has been setup, but with an Activation date in the future of the present date].

400 PWS_MANDATORY_FIELDS_ERROR 410 FE_NETWORK_ERROR (cannot connect to ehost) Resend 411 FE_INTERRUPTED_SESSION (i/o problem while connecting to ehost) Resend 516 The Merchant ID / Acquiring BIN ID is invalid or missing.

Call 9580 Cannot process profile for Cust Ref Num and MID combination.

A Call database error has occurred 9581 Cannot process profile.

G1 No Pre-note Error G2 No Address Error G3 Invalid Account Number Error G4 Authorization Revoked by Consumer Error Cust. G6 Invalid CECP Action Code Error December 2006 Orbital Gateway Interface Specification Page 109 Code Definition Status Action G7 Invalid Account Format Error G8 Bad Account Number Data Error G9 No Capture Decline N/A H1 No Credit Function Decline N/A H2 No Debit Function Decline N/A H3 Rev Exceed Withdrawal Decline Cust. December 2006 Orbital Gateway Interface Specification Page 110 Code Definition Status Action K2 Excess Card Freq Decline Cust.

Transaction was flagged as an ecommerce Industry Type but No ECOrder Num was sent The ECOrder Num or Mail Order Num was all Zero s or All Spaces.

Invalid Security Data Issuer does not participate or 3-D Secure data not utilized.

CAVV Not Validated Authentication Issuer did not return a CAVV results code in the authorization response.

BK Closed Account, New Account Closed Decline Cust. 4 CAVV Failed Validation Attempt a 3-D Secure authentication value of 7 from Visa s ACS indicates that an authentication attempt was performed.

BN Re-Authorization Timeframes Exceeded Decline Cust. MC Only Error BQ Issuer has flagged account as suspected fraud. BR Invalid MCC Sent Error BS New Card Issued Decline Cust. C2 Invalid Response Code Decline C3 Excessive Pin Try Decline Cust. (Determined that the issuer ACS generated this value from the use of Visa CAVV key[s]).

D1 Invalid For Credit Decline D2 Invalid For Debit Decline D3 Rev Exceed Withdrawal Decline Cust. D8 Encrypted Data Bad Decline D9 Altered Data Decline E3 Invalid Prefix Decline E4 Invalid Institution Decline E5 Invalid Cardholder Decline E6 BIN Block Decline E7 Stored Approved None E8 Invalid Transit Routing Number Error E9 Unknown Transit Routing Number Error F1 Missing Name Error F2 Invalid Account Type Error F3 Account Closed Error Cust. I1 Block activation failed Card Range not set up for MOD 10 Error I2 Block activation failed or fulfillment flags were set to Y Error I3 Declined Issuance doesn t meet minimum amount Declined Cust I4 Declined no original auth found Decline Cust I5 Declined outstanding auth, funds on hold Decline Cust I6 Activation amount incorrect Decline I7 Block activation failed- account not correct or block size not correct Decline I8 Mag stripe CVD value failed Decline I9 Max Redemption limit met Decline J1 No Manual Key Decline J2 Not Signed In Decline J3 Excessive Pin Try Decline Cust. L7 Unable to Determine Network Routing Error Call L8 System Error Error Call L9 Database Error Error Call M1 Merchant Override Decline Decline Cust.