Start 78 rpm record dating guide

78 rpm record dating guide

The author’s quasi-academic tone weaves her interviews with personal observations and just the right amount of dry humor to make us feel as if we’re looking (and listening) over her shoulder as she travels up and down the East Coast.

While the commercially viable recordings will have been restored or remastered onto LP's or CD, there is still research value in the artifacts and usage evidence in the often rare 78rpm discs and recordings.

Journalist Amanda Petrusich, who writes for The New York Times, Pitchfork and the Oxford American, not only ingratiates herself into this nerdy cabal, she becomes hypnotized by it.

“Do Not Sell At Any Price” is her journey, physically and emotionally, through the backwoods of American music history and the people who spend countless hours and dollars trying to preserve it with a mix of altruism, ego and obsession.

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