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Vasek then used two methods to estimate the age of the ring.

This single clonal colony plant of Larrea tridentata reaches up to 67 feet (20 metres) in diameter, with an average diameter of 45 feet (14 m).

The King Clone ring is on restricted-access public land in the central Mojave Desert, about 0.6 miles north of California Route 247 on Bessemer Mine Road near the towns of Lucerne Valley and Landers.

All amps mentionend here are all tube amps (except where noted).

The GA amps were named like this: Letters following the model number indicate whether an amp was plain (no letter), had temolo (T), reverb (RV), tremolo and reverb (RT or RVT), vibrato (V), a JBL speaker (L), or reverb, echo, and tremolo (RET). Open questions, various info, and other data are collected in the other stuff section.

It is within the Creosote Rings Preserve King Clone was identified and the age estimated by Frank Vasek, a professor at the University of California, Riverside.

After Vasek hypothesized that the creosote ring was, in fact, one organism, Leonel da Silveira Lobo O'Reilly Sternberg (then a graduate student working in Vasek's lab), documented that plants within a ring had more similar characteristics, than those from other plant clusters.

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