Start 3 internet secrets for adult dating 99 ebook pdf

3 internet secrets for adult dating 99 ebook pdf

We had a discussion about Tesla, Space X, the automotive and aerospace and solar power industries, and he told me what he thought confused people about each of these things.

” The answer he came up with was a list of five things: “the internet; sustainable energy; space exploration, in particular the permanent extension of life beyond Earth; artificial intelligence; and reprogramming the human genetic code.”4 He was iffy about how positive the impact of the latter two would be, and though he was optimistic about each of the first three, he never considered at the time that he’d ever be involved in space exploration.

The first order of business was to have a full panic.

I needed to not sit down with these people—these world-class engineers and rocket scientists—and know almost nothing about anything. The problem with Elon Fucking Musk, though, is that he happens to be involved in Zeus would have been less stressful.

By fourth grade, he was constantly buried in the Encyclopedia Britannica.

One thing you’ll learn about Musk as you read these posts is that he thinks of humans as computers, which, in their most literal sense, they are. His software is the way he learns to think, his value system, his habits, his personality.

In 1995, it was hard to convince businesses that the internet was important—many told them that advertising on the internet sounded like “the dumbest thing they had ever heard of”6—but eventually, they began to rack up customers and the company grew.

It was the heat of the 90s internet boom, startup companies were being snatched up left and right, and in 1999, Compaq snatched up Zip2 for $307 million. In what would become a recurring theme for Musk, he finished one venture and immediately dove into a new, harder, more complex one.

Musk bounced back from the unimpressive career beginning by teaming up with his brother Kimbal (who had followed Elon to the US) to start their own company—Zip2.

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