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22dating fun meet new people services way

If there's a dog park in your community, take a ball or frisbee and have an outing with your pet. If there's a cafe or juice bar at your gym, hang out for a bit after your workout and connect with other members. If you've moved to a new city like I have, maybe your existing friends know people in your new city. Look in your local community guide to see what happenings and events are coming up in your area. Do you enjoy jazz or some other music genre that works well in a smaller venue and allows for conversation? When I start to feel house-bound working from home, I go to a local Starbucks or indie coffee house to work. As a leader/decision-maker in the non-profit world, you'll be exposed to a variety of interesting people who support your cause. Working just a few hours a week as a host/hostess at a restaurant, in a coffee shop, or as a bartender will give you the chance to meet hundreds of the different people. Chat up the bartender (if he/she isn't too busy) and make conversation with the people around you. If you do, you'll find plenty of other people who share your food values, so make a morning of it.

If you enjoy hiking, meeting someone on a trail means you've found a friend who shares your passion for the great outdoors. Just remember, before you go your separate ways to suggest getting together again. If hiking isn't your thing, you can join a running or biking group, a softball team, or a tennis league.

Finding new friends isn't always easy and comfortable.

Sometimes, as much as you want to have friendships, you'd just rather curl up with a book than attend some social gathering or meet-up with a group of strangers. This is how Ron and I met our new best buddies here in Asheville.

I had friends in Atlanta that I'd known since high school, and others I've known for twenty or more years.